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enhance patient experience with digital signage

How Digital Signage can Enhance the Patient Experience

Have you ever walked the busy streets of Times Square or traveled via public transportation in Boston? If you have, then it’s very likely that you noticed the eye-catching and colorful digital displays that both places have. Apparently, digital signage is a very popular type of digital marketing in the US. From the retail industry to the industry, industries of all types are utilizing it to promote products, services and even events.

Good Medical Website Design: Why It Matters and How To Pull It Off

Planning, strategizing, and designing a visually-appealing website is not an easy task. And honestly, as a physician, you probably simply don’t have the time to dedicate to building and designing a website. However, having an attractive website is important if you want to attract new patients – plus there are a ton of other benefits that come along with having a well-designed website.

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